Innovation #2: Innovation systems December 12, 2008

Shawn and Jorg explore the relevance of national, regional and sectoral innovation systems and discuss practical ways of changing the way in ... more

Innovation #1: What is innovation? November 29, 2008

Shawn and Jorg kick off a new LEDcast series on innovation. In the first episode they discuss some basic issues, such as: What is innovation, ... more

Cases #14: The evolution of carnival in Trinidad November 14, 2008

Clive Pegus tells Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke how the carnival in Trinidad is an important factor in the local economy, not only due to its growth and ... more

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Value Chain #3: CIAT's experiences in Central America November 25, 2007

Jorg Meyer-Stamer interviews Mark Lundy of the Agribusiness Group at the Center for Tropical Agriculture, They talk about CIAT's "learning community" around value chain development, surprising experiences with powerful buyers, and what often goes wrong in value chain ... more

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Category: Tools

Tools #3: Using the Five Forces Concept as a Workshop Format November 18, 2007

Shawn and Jorg explain how to use Michael Porter's Five Forces Concept as a tool in a quick workshop with local businesses from the same subsector. more

Value Chains #2: Learning in Global Value Chains November 11, 2007

Jorg Meyer-Stamer interviews Lizbeth Navas-Aleman, fellow at the Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex, about her research on the learning that takes place, or doesn't take place, as companies from developing countries are integrated into global value chains. more

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Category: Case Studies

Case #2: Regional Economic Development in Central Java (gtz RED) November 02, 2007

Hayder Al-Bagdadi, Atjeng Kadaryana and Christian Schoen discuss the achievements and learning processes in the Regional Economic Development Programme [gtz-RED] in Central Java, Indonesia. more

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Value Chains #1 - Introduction October 14, 2007

With this show we start a new series in the LEDcast. We look at value chains: What are they? How are they relevant for local economic development? How can you promote them? more

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Category: Case Studies

Case #1: LED in a poor rural location in South Africa September 23, 2007

Jörg Meyer-Stamer interviews John Lawson, an LED specialist currently involved in a major EU-supported LED programme in South Africa's Limpopo province. John reports on his experience with initiating an LED process in a poor rural municipality called Fetagkomo. more

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Category: Concepts

Concept #3: Business Retention and Expansion September 16, 2007

Gerry Delaney, a South African LED consultant, explains the main features of the Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) approach to LED. more

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Category: Tools

Tools #2: Designing an LED workshop September 08, 2007

In this episode, Jörg Meyer-Stamer and Colin Mitchell continue their conversation on how to prepare a workshop. What are the issues that you consider when you design the sequence of activities in a given workshop? How do you make sure that the limited time is used effectively, and what do you do to ... more

Category: Tools

Tools #1: Organising an LED workshop -- whom and how to invite September 03, 2007

In this episode, Jörg Meyer-Stamer and Colin Mitchell discuss one of the critical issues in the organisation of a workshop: How do you invite the right people? And how do you handle the management of expectations properly? more

Category: Concepts

Concept #2: Local enabling environment August 26, 2007

In this episode, we present a conversation that was recorded at mesopartner's Summer Academy on Local Economic Development. Jim Tanburn shares his views on the topic of "local enabling environment" -- what it is, and what can be done to promote it. Jim is an international consultant who ... more

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